First-time buyer? Or are you a life-long lover of “all things boats?” Regardless of the level that you come to us, here at Marine Concepts, a family-owned boat brokerage, we are fueled by our own passion for boating and to get the job done

for YOU. We pride ourselves in being the FIRST Certified Boat Broker in Virginia and bring aboard a team of expert brokers and on-staff boating enthusiasts. Your experience with us will be far from “cookie cutter” or routine!

We aren’t just about buying and selling either. With multiple boats and most professional Captains around- we offer charters for your next water outing. Whether it is for a romantic dinner for 2, dolphin sighting, or impressing new clients; Marine Concepts can show what it’s like to have a good time on the water (Check out our Charter Services).


Located at Long Bay Pointe Marina, we have access to thousands of vessels to increase the odds of getting the “perfect fit” for you. Our goal is to determine your needs before you begin your search, as these decisions can save you thousands of dollars, and who doesn’t like that? We think of questions and concerns that you might not think would be a part of the process, such as: where do plan on using the boat, how often will you be on the boat, is it for a specific reason (i.e. fishing), do you want a certain type of boat (trawler, powerboat, or a sailboat); the particulars can make or break you, financially, but we’re here to be with you at EVERY STEP of the way, holding your hand, to make sure it’s the one you want and are getting it for the best price possible. Here’s what we do:

*Find your PERFECT boat

*Prepare an offer & work directly with the seller

*Conduct sea trials & surveys

*Financing – we work with over 20 lenders that specialize in boat loans, to not only get you the best interest rates available, but also ideal loan terms, such as 10, 15 or 20-year loans

*Insurance – done under the same roof as buying and financing…your one-stop brokerage



*Any other boat related considerations – as they arise

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy a boat, and that’s kind of the same thing.”


Marine Concepts likes to get the job done quickly with a warm and friendly “boat-tique” approach. We don’t bite either, so there’s no need to be afraid of our brokers; they’re fierce in making sure they get what you want, but when connecting with you; big soft teddy bears. We understand the frustration that can occur with haggling, determining the right price, and finishing the closing process. Guess what? Now you don’t have to worry about all that, as we’ve got you covered from the listing to closing. From the start, we go straight to marketing:




And our very own website: *Marine Concepts

But it doesn’t end there. We send out weekly emails with listings to thousands of loyal customers from the past 15+ years, as well as joining the social scene (FaceBook, Instagram) to promote your boat. Our personalized attention, national brand recognition, and unprecedented expertise mean we can place your used boat in the hands of another boater who will love it as much as you. As with any advertising, one of our key ingredients is how we propose your boat to the world. No one likes blurry, fuzzy, out-of-focus pictures. Our brokers take the time to ensure that your boat is sharp, focused and looking pristine. And it’s not just a handful of pictures either. It’s important we get EVERY key point of your boat so when a prospective buyer looks through them, they’ve already fallen in love; and that’s before seeing it in person. Now, it’s always been said that “communication is key,” and that’s a concept we like to grasp. During the sale of your boat, Marine Concepts, no matter who’s working with you, directly communicates with you as to what is going on, where we are in the selling process. We will NEVER leave you out of the loop. We understand that your boat or yacht was a part of your life, creating memories and putting hard work into her so she fared well on the water. That is why Marine Concepts carries on that love for you, as we present her to her future owner.