Tommy and Beth T

Where do we begin? We started the boat shopping process quite a while ago, not being sure what we would end up owning, and we came across the listing at Marine Concepts around Christmas. Since we were going to be in Virginia Beach for New Year’s, we thought that maybe someone would be kind enough to show us the boat we saw for sale. We were very happy when Ryan said they could do it. After 3 hours (remember, it’s New Year’s Eve) with John on our, what we hoped would be our new boat, we felt like we had not only a knowledgeable salesman, but a new friend. For every question we had, John had an answer. It was instant trust with Marine Concepts (it had to be, we allowed ‘Captain’ John to bring our boat down to Marine Concepts to sell). Everything went smooth and easy with the transaction and we must say they have been taking care of our ‘for sale’ boat since it’s been there. Tim, the mechanic, has been wonderful; he came to see us on the way to get groceries, before a NASCAR race, anytime we’ve needed him. One good part of our weekly trips to our new boat (from Baltimore) has been the feeling that we have friends and people who really care about having us as customers- satisfied customers. We would recommend Marine Concepts to anyone who wants to deal with a class operation of wonderful people- our motto is if it’s meant to be, it will be easy! That was easy!!